CET Study Essentials
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CET Study Essentials

This is a collection of short courses for students who have been working as legal transcriptionists and already have a very good understanding of all English, grammar, and punctuation rules.

In this study package, you will learn many aspects of what is covered in the CET knowledge and practical exam. Here are the courses within this curriculum.  (1) Legal System, (2) Terminology, (3) Prepare for Practical.  The Prepare for Practical course includes formatting federal transcripts, instructor-graded transcription assignments, & ethics/confidentiality.  

Curriculum content

  • This CEU course will cover types of courts, types of law, and life cycle of a case.  Parts of this CEU course may be contained in other courses we offer.  (3 hours / 0.3 CEUs)
    • Lesson Terms and Conditions

    • Lesson CET Study Essentials - Introduction

    • Lesson The Legal System

  • This course will go over some different terminology you may encounter while transcribing.  As a transcriber you are not expected to know every word in the English language, but the more words you know and have in your dictionary, the more efficient you will become in your craft.  A transcriptionist is expected to know when they need to research words they have not heard before. (3 hours/0.3 CEUs)
  • In this course, instructors provide students with helpful feedback on transcription assignments to help them prepare for the CET practical exam.  This course is ideal for a transcriptionist who is not be familiar with federal formatting rules who wants to take and pass the CET practical exam. This course does not include other information on the exam like the legal system, terminology, and English, grammar, and punctuation.  There is a short section in this course about court reporting ethics and confidentiality.