Life Cycle of a Case

This CEU Course covers information on the stages of a case including filling, discovery and trial. Parts of this CEU course may be contained in other CEU courses. (2 hours / 0.2 CEUs)

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Course content

    • Terms and Conditions Acknowledgement
    • Life Cycle of a Case
      • Pre-Suit and Filing
      • EUO and Aid of Execution
      • Discovery
      • Depositions
      • Telephonic or VC Proceedings
      • Deposition Through Written Questions
      • Records Pickup
      • CME, IME, EOP
      • Order of Proceedings
      • Hearing vs. Trial
      • Voir Dire and the Jury
      • Types of Witnesses
      • The Complete Record
      • Burden of Proof
      • Post Trial
      • Alternative Dispute Resolutions
      • Mediation
      • Arbitration
    • Life Cycle of a Case Quiz
    • Course Evaluation