Ethics in Court Reportering

This CEU course contains information on personal ethics, ethic theories, conflict of interest and bias. Parts of this CEU course may be contained in other CEU courses. (2 hours / 0.2 CEUs)

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Course content

    • Terms and Conditions Acknowledgement
    •  Ethics
    • Court Reporting Ethics
    • AAERT Code of Professional Ethics
    • Ethics Break Down
    • Personal Ethics
    • Personal Perception
    • Personal Ethics Summary
    • Ethical Philosophers
    • Ethic Theories Summary
    • Professional Etiquette and Interactions on the Record
    • Ethics Quiz
    • Ethical Issues
    • Harassment/Discrimination
    • Client/Colleague Relations
    • Conflict of Interest
    • Avoiding Bias and Gift Giving
    • The Dilemma
    • Ethical Issues in Court Reporting Quiz
    • Course Evaluation